Time to spread the kindness!

Touching Tiny Lives....
I was blessed to witness the incredible work that they do.
Saving lives every day and giving hope in a place that seems so hopeless.
Please take some time to learn more about them,
and perhaps consider joining them in the work they do by supporting them financially.
A little goes a long way in Lesotho.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I would LOVE to share what I learned while spending time there.
Every month I will be creating a one of a kind wardrobe and putting it up for auction.
All of the proceeds will go right to Touching Tiny Lives.
Other things you can do to help? Any donations towards the auction would be great...
Props, shoes, wigs...whatever!
If you'd like to be informed as to when the auctions go up,simply join my email list!
Thanks so much for being a wonderful group of people
to work for and work with. :)
Love, Jen
A wonderful video that shows who TTL is and what they're doing to help...

Click here to learn more about Touching Tiny Lives and how you can help...

Link to my current auction for TTL....

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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