The Crochet Corner!!!
So after 52 years.... I've learned how to crochet...
And why not create for the resin kids!
Couple of things....
I have a separate list for crochet orders...
So feel free to email me regarding the fun stuff on this page, and I will get to it asap. :)
Please keep in mind yarns are different,
so you can only order an item in the yarns designated to that item.
Also.... at this time I am ONLY doing these guys in Little Fee size.
Hopefully I'll figure it out in smaller sizes,
but one step at a time. :)
Golden crown with jewels....20.00

Animal Cowl Hoodies....
The following are samples of the animal cowl hoodies.
Feel free to use any colors in following yarns, or suggest a new animal!
All cowls are 20.00

Fox Cowl
Kitty Cowl
Frog cowl
Bear Cowl
Solid Cowl

The Cupcake Set

Of course you don't have to get a whole set.... Or have pink cupcakes!
The choice is yours...From the following yarns. :)
(Oh... and I do have black and white also. !  )
The hat is 20.00
Scarf is 15.00

Thanks for stopping in to visit this new venture.. and happy hooking!

Please email me for questions or suggestions

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