A lot of people have been asking what cute stuff
I have to put on shirts. Well here you go!
If you drag your arrow over each pic, it will give you more info.
Please note the pics are NOT actual size!

Have fun!

Perfect for a puki. Hes a cutie pie! Rawr! Much better color in real life. Stinky pic. So cute! I have it in an E is for elephant too! Kind of fuzzy, but you get the idea. Very tiny! Fun little turtle.. A familiar face to many! I also have him swimming... This guy is a bit big and not on a knit. More of an applique for a bigger doll. Comes in two sizes Comes in two sizes Comes in two sizes Love this one..... Tiny guy. A bigger doggie face. I can use this across a shirt or as a whole shirt front. Comes in other colors but still on pink. Comes in other colors but still on pink. Also have this in I love you and other sayings. Very vintage. Aw, a little knight and his castle! very cute in person. A little eastery, but cute! Not stretchy.... This is printed on flannel and a bit bigger than youd think. Also on flannel but smaller than the cats. There are other vintage animals with funny names available. A tad big. Bambi sized. A tad big. Bambi sized. A tad big. Bambi sized. Bitty! And much cuter than the fuzzy pic..Stupid camera. Very cute and tiny Very cute and tiny Very cute and tiny Ahh! Shark attack! Very very green. Adorable and bitty! Only a couple of these guys left. Oh man is he cute. I have him in other positions as well. An allover print that can be used as a tiny pic. On flannel and in different sizes. Also have him in green shorts. I have a matching solid for this one. Also have little daisies on the same blue. Other colors of butterflies are available. Other colors of butterflies are available. All kinds of beetles available. An allover print that could work as an applique. A favorite! Also have planets and spaceships. Ahoy matey! Cute little fairy. Also in other colors on yellow. In two sizes. Comes in other colors Sparkely. Kind of tough to see... Bigger than youd think, Bambi or bigger. Much prettier in real life and other purple combos available. Sooo tiny! Miss Julia likes this one! Funky! Great little basic car. This one is embroidered on. Very tiny! Going for a sail..on a pirate ship! Tiny, tiny, tiny! Pinker background in real life. Comes in a couple of sizes. Very cute! One single cupcake. Much bigger than it looks, For Bambi and bigger Gret print that could be used as an applique. The cupcakes are bitty! Fun apples on a knit. Comes in other colors Bitty! Comes in teal, light pink,dark pink and lavender Tiny! Great for a puki on an adventure.... So cute for the tiny guys! A little larger A bitty buggy! I have a big monster too! Monkey guy.... Girlie skulls from bitty to big. Gotta love his little coat! Such a sweet pupster! A happy puppy! Arent they all? More of a print than a pic, but too cute! One for the bigger guys I have TONS of little lizards in all shapes and sizes! A little bigger and yellow... A tiny puki sized scorpion! Too cute for words. Great for Bambi and Yo! So cute! All of these guys would work for the tiny guys too! Waving Hi! Meow!
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