Fun stuff for the front of shirts continued!

Please keep in mind these guys are already printed on the fabric,
so what you see is what you get. I can't put it on another color.
I can also print a design of your own,but there is an
extra charge of 4.00 as it is a royal pain in the butt.
If you drag your arrow over each pic,it will give you more info.
Please note the pics are NOT actual size!

Have fun!


Nice for the Lati sized kids...Different colors too! Nice for the Lati sized kids. Comes in cars too! Very sweet and tiny For the itty bitty princess and much clearer than the pic! VERY tiny! VERY tiny! A bit bigger. Maybe Yo sized? Definitely for the bigger kids... Definitely for the bigger kids... A tiny turtle for the tiny puki! So cute for the bitty guys. Very tiny! Lati Yellow and up Lati Yellow and up Lati Yellow and up  little wide for Lati... A bit large for anyone but the Yoss and up A bit large for anyone but the Yoss and up SO cute! A tiny bitty elephant and friend! The ever lovin pink froggie! Monkey face is a bit on the larger size.... A bit big, but LOTS of colors! A bit big, but LOTS of colors! Tiny and adorable! A tiny roarin lion! How cute is this little bitty doggie? a car....just in case you need a car. LOL Every one is different and wonderful. On the large side. Roar....Yo sized. Pow! Yo sized.... GO! Yo sized..... A tiny zebra on pink A tiny giraffe on pink. All kinds of cupcake combos on brown. So cute for Lati and bigger! Other phrases as well Great for the bigger kids Great for the bigger kids An all over print Other colors too. All on black. HUGE...See the little fee page. In other colors as well... Skullies for all sizes! Little pink monkey! A little bigger.Other poses too! Cute for Lati Yellow and bigger. Other styles as well! Also in pink Pretty much takes up the front of a Little Fee shirt.... Itty bitty monkey! Tiny kissing elephants Only for the big kids.... Also, for the big kids! Also comes in light pink and brown..Lati Yellow and up. A bigger froggie. Maybe Lati yellow.... Also comes in blue! See the knits page. Cutie pie! Lati Yellow and up... VERY big! Only for bigger girl dresses.... Cute on a Big kid PJ front. Another bigger one... Lati Yellow and up....Ruff.... Red doggie! For Lati Yellow and up. Huge!!! Huge!!! Also comes in solid colors,but no sprinkles... Teeny tiny! He can drive a blue car too! VERY tiny! Great for a Yo/ Little Fee T shirt. For the bigger kids only... itty bitty froggie face... A little bigger...great for LY and Puki Fee A medium sized quacker. About 1/2 in width and comes in light and brght pink and red. Cute! Medium sized.... For the bigger kids. Bigger, also comes in orange Also comes in dark pnk and blue.
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